Japanese Wagyu (Yakiniku) Sushi

Wagyu Sushi using Yakiniku Cut

One of a kind Wagyu Sushi using premium wagyu with Yakiniku Cut!


  1. Wagyu A4/A5 Yakiniku Cut
  2. Yakiniku Sauce (Shoyu)
  3. Japanese Rice
  4. Sushi Vinegar
  5. Sugar
  6. Salt

Preparation Steps

  1. Cook Japanese Rice for Japanese Sushi Rice. You may refer to the video below for the best recipe to make Japanese Sushi Rice.


  1. Dip all Wagyu Yakiniku Cut into Yakiniku Sauce
  2. Pan Sear Wagyu with High Heat till it is fully cooked
  3. Prepare Sushi Rice
  4. Place the cooked Wagyu on the Sushi Rice
  5. Voila!

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