Japanese Wagyu Yakiniku Don

Japanese Wagyu Yakiniku Don (Wagyu Beef Rice Bowl) with Egg Recipe

Easy to prepare and cook this delicious and premium wagyu beef rice bowl at the comfort of your home!



  1. Wagyu A4/A5 Yakiniku Cut
  2. Yakiniku Sauce (Shoyu)
  3. Japanese Rice
  4. Egg
  5. Spring Onion


Preparation Steps

  1. Cook Japanese Rice
  2. Dip all Wagyu Yakiniku Cut into Yakiniku Sauce
  3. Pan Sear Wagyu with High Heat till it is fully cooked
  4. Place the cooked Wagyu around the rice bowl
  5. Crack an egg (preferably uncooked if is pasteurised) in the middle of the rice bowl
  6. Voila!

Wagyu Yakiniku Don


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